Blake Brown

Blurring the boundaries between hypercubism and contemporary elements.

My artistic endeavours delve into the intricate interplay between corporeal forms, underlying frameworks, and the ethos of recycling within contemporary culture.

Drawing inspiration from the eclectic realms of Warhol’s pop art and Frida Kahlo’s introspective narratives, my oeuvre orchestrates a convergence of the ordinary and the transcendental, forging novel synergies through nuanced dialogues.

Since adolescence, I have been entranced by the conventional perception of temporality. What initially burgeons with optimism invariably metamorphoses into a spectacle of avarice, bequeathing naught but a palpable sense of disillusionment and the advent of renewal.

As delicate facsimiles undergo refinement via meticulous and iterative practice, spectators are presented with fragments hinting at the manifold potentials inherent in our epoch.

“The perceptual dichotomy of categorizing existence in stark binaries of black or white belies the nuanced complexities inherent in the myriad shades of gray that define our reality.”